Our talented artist cover many artistic genres including Painting, Pottery, Photography, Authors, Composers and more:

For artist profile or website link, click on a name.

Links are active only if the artist has a website or artist profile page available.


Julie Best: Jewelry

Charles Barasch: Writer

Robert Barasch: Writer

Susannah Blackly: Musician

Laura Ceraso: Pottery

Jo Chickering: Author

Scott Crocker: Wood Carving

Alicia Cusimano: Pottery

Joyce Cusimano: Pottery

Ann Day: Author, photographer

Jane Dwinell: Author

Jay Ekis: Musician, CD’s

Wayne Fawbush: Photography

Lydia Gatzow: Painter

Barry Goldensohn: Author

Sally Goss: Stained Glass

Goddard C Graves: Author

Nicole Grumman: Author

Gabe Halberg: Musician, CD’s

John S. Hall: Author

Jessica Halerman: Ceramic Jewelry

Tracey Hambleton: Painter

R.A. (“Robbie”) Harold: Author

Kate Harper: Author

Con Hogan: Author

Erika Hogan: Author

Len Irving: Author

Suzanne Jamele: Hand kniitted wear

Tim Jennings
: Musician, CD’s

David Klein: Sculpture

Phyllis Larabee: Author

Margot Lasher: Author, Photographer

John Leach: Wood Carving

Gina Logan: Author

George Lisi: Author

Maury Lynch: Photography

Leon Marasco: Author

Kerrin McCadden: Author

Annie McCleary: Author

Jennifer McMahon: Author

Nancy Munno: Pottery

Jerrie Nash: Drawings and Cards

Maggie Neale
: Paintings, hand-painted silk wear

Howard Norman: Author

Sherry Olson: Author

Elinor Osborn
: Photography

David Parkinson: Author

Matt Peters
: Local Wood-fired clay pottery

Ed Pierce
: Photography

Anna Pirie: Author

Leanne Ponder: Author

Jack Pulaski: Author

Helen Rabin: Oil paintings

Kathrena Ravenhorst-Adams
: Watercolor paintings

Emily Rogstad: Jewelry

Mary Labate Rogstad

Karen Rowell: Handbags and Sachels

Elka Schumann: Calendars

Peg Schwartz: Pottery

Kate Smith
: Weaving

Julian Soberano: Glass Jewelry

Yvonnne Straus: Author

Jonathan Strong: Writer

Kathy Swigon: Pottery, whistles

Bram Tobin: Author

Mary Trerice (representing work of Rachel Bissex): Musician, CD’s

Golden True: Paintings

Adelaide Tyrol: Painter,illustrator

Fred Varney
: Stained glass

T. Breeze Verdant
: Inlaid wooden jewelry, goods

Janice Walrafen
: Tiles

Paula Wolcott: Oil paintings

Baron Wormser: Author

Laura Zeisel: Vermont-made yarns, hand-knitted wear

Deb Zuk: Knit Purses

   Board Members
The Board, whose work is enitrely volunteer, handles the day-to-day operations of the Gallery, produces exhibits, and handles the administrative, fiscal, marketing and other logstics necessary to sustain the Central Vermont Artists Marketing Cooperative

President: Mary Trerice

Vice President: Laura Zeisel

Treasurer: Matt Peters

Recording Officer: Sue Jamele

Additional Board Members and Their Roles, Generally Speaking:

Helen Rabin: Signage and Graphics, Jury Committee

Joyce Cusimano: Exhibits and Displays, Keeper of Gallery Aesthetics

Mary Labate Rogstad: Events, Fundraising, Rising to All Occasions

Laura Ceraso:  Inventory and sales; Jury Committee; Keeper of Institutional Knowledge

Maury Lynch: Website Publisher


  Some of Our Valued Supporters

We are grateful to these individuals in our community for contributing to the success of the CVAMC and the Blinking Light Gallery:

Claudia Clark  *  Christine Ditmeyer  *  Warren Hathaway  *  Helena Rice
Mary Labate Rogstad  *  Ross Sneyd  *  Rebecca Strader  *  Adelaide Tyrol
Janet Wormser  *  David Strong  *  Laura Zeisel  *  Mark Yorra  *  Kit Gates
*  Becky Buchanan  *  Bob Atchison  *  Elka Schumann  *  Ann B. Day

   Community Partners:

Without any paid staff and hardly a penny for marketing, it takes some doing to promote the arts on a grass roots level. But in its role as a non-profit artists marketing co-op, that’s what the Blinking Light Gallery does.  And that’s why we especially appreciate the media and institutions you see at right.

They consistently rise above the pack in the professional quality and volume of coverage devoted to the arts — in print, online, and on the air.  When the arts get covered well, that in turn fuels the arts community as a whole.

We’ve invited these entities to be recognized here as our Community Partners simply as a thank-you from the Gallery.

     Out of Plainfield and Hardwick

bridgebannerbw-2    Out of Montpelier


9e460a61053e3f0c22616f37df7708e3– Vermont’s Independent Voice Out of Burlington

signup-review-2A curated round-up of art works, walks and words.